Hello World!

cinema-paradisoA new year, a new blog. It’s been a long time since I started my first one. I think it must have been in 2005. Google had only just acquired Blogger and as part of our introduction (I started working at Google early that year) we were encouraged to set up a blog ourselves. It was all the rage back then and every new blog started off with that ‘Hello World’ post. Feels nice and nostalgic right now. That first blogger blog was more of a tester, filled with everyday nonsense, and to check out the competition I quickly followed it up with a wordpress.com blog. I kept that one alive for 5 years or so, writing about my travels, pop culture, books, and anything else that struck my fancy. Over the years, it slowly began to die. I posted less and less, adding a few posts each January when I started to feel guilty about not posting for so long, but by now it hasn’t seen an update in years.

I miss the writing, so here I am again starting up a new blog. This time I’ll try to focus it a little more on the things I love. Movies, on which I haven’t written nearly as much as I would have liked. Games, which I’ve played since I was a kid, but which as a genre is still struggling to receive the same level as criticism and writing as our other cultural stalwarts. And life, because you don’t want to limit yourself to much now, do you?

I struggled with the naming a bit, as I always do, but I knew I wanted someting related to film, and after scrolling through the options I landed at edgenumbe.rs. It’s probably been a while since any of us has had actual negatives in their hands, but edge numbers are the tiny numbers printed along the – you guessed it – edge of the film strip. They allow you to pinpoint the exact frames of the original negative, and are mostly useful when a print has gone through the whole editing process and they need to match the final print with the first negatives in order to product the final cut. Nowadays we just use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier, but I like these types of little known techniques that made all our moviegoing experiences possible.

Fun fact, the business of turning words into domains is called domain hacking, which in this case meant I had to acquire a relatively obscure .rs domain. It took a couple of weeks, but it worked and I am now the proud owner of a Serbian domain. Isn’t the internet just magical.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated with a mix of shorter spur of the moment pieces and the occasional longer post or listicle, but for now I’ll keep it at this.

Hello World. It’s good to be back.